Blue grey oscommerce template with rounded rectangles



Building a small business website is fine, but unless the design is catchy, you can be rest assured that it will not attract clients. Thanks to the economical crunch being faced worldwide, more and more people are hopping on to the internet bandwagon to increase their income and this has created a huge competition out there on the net. As people search for any products that are generally hosted by small business websites, they find countless hits for their search results. People also come across these pages via links from other sites. Nowadays people just do not have the time to browse fully through countless websites and they spend a maximum of 10 to 15 seconds per website.


Tree – Free Oscommerce Template


This theme is one our rounded corner series, with ultra modern looking glassine tabs and cool blue and green colors. The “languages” and “currencies” is places unobtrusively along the top part of the header, horizontally, a departure from the norm OS Commerce theme. The background image is a clean sky blue fade to clean white, and product images are set on white for easy integration of your images.

This oscommerce template has every little detail styled to match- check out the drop down menus in the demo site: they are blue, to match. Links are blue, with a green hover color, and buttons are a fresh clean blue glassine style to match the header.

Main content is surrounded by one main light gray rounded corner box, separating it from the left nav menu, and from the header information. The rounded corner body box expands as needed with the varying content of each page, and lines up neatly with the rounded corner box of the left nav menu.

The tree image in the header is suitable for any number of types of OScommerce sites. Anything natural or organic, from food to beauty products to clothing, all go with the nature theme and fresh modern clean look of this free OScommerce template.


Red-Box-OSC Free oscommerce template

Been a little while since I designed a template, I know this one is pretty simple. I will try to make a fancier one next. Just a bit rusty. The actual oscommerce site is getting tight on what templates they will accept. So I will just release my templates here.

Just simple red and black template, most people use my templates as a base anyway and design their site on top of them.




Tubes Oscommerce Template – free


Tubes OScommerce template has a technical look, also a bit futuristic and dark. Use it for anything, though, from clothing stores to computer parts. It can appeal to techies as well as fashionistas. That’s because the colors are very stylish, with gold, bronzes, dark browns and black, with a little gray mixed in for contrast. Always very hip colors, and especially great looking here on the Tubes oscommerce template.

The sharp angular diagonal corner boxes of the nav menus give an edge to the template, making it suitable for a fashion site. From the nav menu title bars, the diagonal theme is carried over into the header, where the horizontal menu bar at top has the edgy angled diagonal cut as well. Check out the footer, and you’ll see the diagonal here too.

The left nav menu bar has a three dimensional hover effect. Products are placed on a black background, so if your images are set on black or any dark color, you’re all set.